Jobs that matter. People who make a difference.

Top performing hires for government, public sector and non profit organisations.

2018 Best Client Service in the UK
2017 Recruitment Agency of the Year

Principles Matter. “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.” – C. S. Lewis

Believe in Condor

The difference is clear

  • Integrity at the heart of every action and every decision
  • Our clients make a difference to the communities they serve
  • Diverse recruitment practices, for the modern world
  • Specialists in hiring for hybrid working environments

Talent that rises to your challenge

Software Engineer Legal Secretary Chief Technology Officer Finance Analyst Network Engineer Dev Ops Consultant Network Engineer

Business Analyst General Counsel Test Consultant Finance Director Programme Director Accountant Service Desk Manager Cyber Security

Solicitor Technical Support FP&A Manager Software Architect Risk Management Infrastructure Engineer

Wonderful people in technology, project, finance and legal

  • Bank of England
  • Westbourne Academy
  • Ministry of Defence
  • New City College Redbridge

Why Condor?

Put talent at the heart of your workforce

We believe hiring should be wonderful.

  • Plug into the largest public sector and NFP professional talent network.
  • Wonderful hires, every vacancy, every time.
  • Value for Money delivered every day by hard-working, committed team and positive new hires.

Dedicated to government, NFPs, agencies and NDPBs

Contract and permanent hires in central government departments, agencies, non-departmental government bodies (NDPBs), NFPs and local government.

Big ideas need top talent

  • Secure the talent you need in your department. Recruitment Excellence as standard.
  • From strategic contracts, to large scale initiatives and one-off consultant requirements.

Empowering teams to deliver

  • Proving the people to enable your team to meet commitments on time, cost and delivery.
  • Rise to the challenge and, plug into quality contractors , super staff and true industry expertise.
  • Strategic Suppliers are nationally important, and have nationally important talent requirements.

International Organisations

  • Condor has the right networks to engage with global talent for worldwide organisations
  • Selecting the world’s best talent for the projects that make a difference on the world stage

Wonderful people, every vacancy, everytime.

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